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Blending local history, geography, culture, and other elements, we have created special cards for each branch that show off the store’s unique character. The strength of our design creates a new take on tea beverage lifestyles and philosophy.

For the Dongshan Jungong store, we describe the nearby Dakeng Scenic Area. The legendary girl in the red dress held a holy item that would quench thirst, but it led to her being chased into the forest.

For the Taidong Zhengqi store, the card is themed on Taidong’s famous International Balloon Festival. Kebuke becomes a giant airship, helping quench the thirsts of those who hold onto their dreams.

The Penghu Magong store’s card draws on the classic song “Grandma’s Penghu Bay”, to produce a new image of grandma and the old ship captain drinking tea and chatting by the sea.

On a street thronged with traffic, the English-style cream and blue colors attract the eye. The wood-grain cabinets that greet customers at the storefront seem to contain within them the best teas from around the world. The serpentine counter and the Asiatic apple pattern on the cup lids and bags gives an unhurried sense of playing at grandma’s house. The floor-reaching “K” tea cannister wall and huge, three-dimensional menu of teas create the atmosphere of an old-style tea merchant.

Each store creates a different design aesthetic to match their region’s unique environment and culture. The three-sided windows of the original Xiangshang, Taichung store face the city’s famous Xiangshang Market; the store serves a never-ending stream of kindness. The Qinghai store in Taichung extends the retro elements to create the image of an old bank; the Dali store in Taichung has walls of huge blueprints; while the Lugang store in Changhua has door gods from the Tianhou Temple. Each points up what makes the specific store unique.