Classic Drinks
Limited Drinks

Green Tea with Pear Juice and Osmanthus Agar Pearl

Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream

Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate

Matcha with Passion Fruit Konjac Jelly

Matcha with Ruby Chocolate and Milk

Black Tea with Aomori Apple and Blossom Agar Pearl[Sold Out]

Signature Black Tea

Nuwara Eliya Black Tea

Black Tea with Coffee

Peach Black Tea

Green Tea

Winter Melon Drink

Black Tea with Winter Melon

Green Tea with Winter Melon

Winter Melon Drink with Sour Plum

Signature Black Tea with A Whole Lemon

Black Tea with Vanilla Ice Cream

Winter Melon Drink with Milk

Signature Black Tea with Milk

Bubble Milk Tea

Oat Milk Tea with Coffee Tapioca Cube[Sold Out]

Milk Tea with Pudding[Sold Out]

Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream[Sold Out]

Peach Black Tea with Yakult

Black Tea with Coffee and Lemon[Sold Out]

Plum Green Tea with Lemon and Kumquats[Sold Out]