“I choose you!” Pokémon co-branding promotion

“I choose you!” KEBUKE signature black tea joins hands with Pokémon to release 6 co-branded cups and 2 cup seals, as well as 10 tailor-made products and 4 limited-time drinks. We even have 12 co-branded store cards to collect. Breaking with their past image, KEBUKE gives the Pokémon a whole-new style. We blend blue-and-white porcelain – that classic of Eastern culture – into our co-branded theme. Using the three elements of “blue”, “white”, and “porcelain”, we create a Pokémon style unique to KEBUKE signature black tea. It’s a whole new visual feast for the hand-shaken drink world!

– 4 drinks, 6 cups, and 2 cup seals Available for a limited time only

In combination with our co-branding promotion, KEBUKE signature black tea brings out 4 new limited-time only drinks: Milk Tea with Pudding, Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream, Peach Black Tea with Yakult, and Oat Milk Tea with Coffee Tapioca Cube. Each corresponds to a different Pokémon: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, and Mew. We also make these 4 characters the main figures in the promotional large cup design. And with blue-and-white porcelain, we extend the design to 2 promotional medium cup designs and 2 promotional cup seals. During the promotion period, purchase any product at a store to receive a limited-offer cup. (Paper cups not available with Vanilla Ice Cream and Lemon drinks.)

◼︎ Peach Black Tea with Yakult – Medium NT$40, Large NT$50
The pink peaches bring to mind the wonderful song of Jigglypuff. The underlying peach notes of the rouge-colored black tea are joined by just the right sour, sweet taste of Yakult. It brings up the bountiful sweetness of childhood; in combination with light rose and jasmine, it’s like being carried away by pure, clean music, like the beauty of starting afresh.

◼︎ Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream – Medium NT$50, Large NT$60
The green of the matcha reminds one of Bulbasaur. The melting snow-white threads in layers through the green; the melt-on-the-tongue vanilla ice cream and Shizuoka matcha intermingle, by turns rich and changing. There is just the slightest hint of winter melon, giving a rich taste of refreshing, multilayered enjoyment. It smoothly, continuously satiates the taste buds.

◼︎ Oat Milk Tea with Coffee Tapioca Cube – Medium NT$60 (available in Medium only)
The uniquely fresh taste brings to mind Mew. The well-steeped black tea, giving off a woody fruit aroma, is combined with Oatly oat drink from Sweden. Like a golden field of wheat in a sunset, it brings the delicate scent of grain, and has a rich, well-rounded taste. The texture is like that of coffee, while also having the chewiness of tapioca pearls and the tenderness of grass jelly. The wonderful, rich taste is like the super-powerful Mew, dancing on the tongue.

◼︎ Milk Tea with Pudding – Medium NT$60, Large NT$70
The yellow pudding recalls the ever-popular Pikachu. Starting with the classic taste of mellow, rich black tea and milk, we specially select rich, thick caramel custard to match. Every smooth mouthful gives a tender, chewy texture, and the sweetness of the caramel makes a perfect pairing with the tea. It carries one like a bolt of Pikachu’s lightning, to roam free, happy, and full of energy.

– 10 products, 12 promotional store cards Co-branded limited-availability collection

Our 3 series of co-branded products themed around porcelain and practical Reusable Cup Caddy – for a total of 10 products – each exudes a warm sense of being blessed. We have specially joined hands with local Taiwan brand ACERA to create the Pokémon ACERA LIVEN Tumbler. We are simultaneously releasing 12 different promotion-limited store cards, showing gatherings of Pokémon enjoying themselves within different landscapes. Each store only has one of the editions – go collect ‘em all at KEBUKE stores.

◼︎ Pokémon ACERA LIVEN Tumbler – NT$2880
Created in partnership with classically refined porcelain brand ACERA, this tumbler shows Pikachu, bursting like a bolt of lightning, from a time before the heavens were open and before the earth had formed. Pikachu emerges from an arabesque floral pattern, with his head touching the clouds and his feet dancing upon the waves. He splits the skies with a hundred thousand volts, calling forth the splendors of the world. This symbolizes how, out of the primordial chaos, there is always hope that the “heavens, earth, and humanity alike will manifest myriad changes”.

◼︎ Pokémon Afternoon Tea Set – NT$1280
“Luck, prosperity, and longevity” symbolize fulfillment in life. They carry deep, eternal meaning. We bring this meaning to the world of pottery, using the solid, dignified azure blue of blue-and-white porcelain to portray those things which humanity wishes for the most. Tea for thinking, and porcelain for consideration, to help us reach an ideal world.

・Luck/Woobat – Luck and fortune are our greatest hopes for good lives and a wonderful future. Woobat (whose name is a pun for “luck” in Mandarin) is paired against floating clouds and mists, conveying the meaning that luck is on its way.
・Prosperity/Deerling – Conveys the meaning that “deer prosperity is here”, symbolizing good fortune in all aspects of life, from what we drink, eat, and wear, to where we live and work. Deerling is paired against fragrant, sparse plum blossoms, daintily brush-painted, to create a proud, elegant atmosphere.
・Longevity/Squirtle – The first of the Five Fortunes. The design features Squirtle, and also flourishing pine fans, to create a feeling of evergreen longevity. The Chinese character for “Longevity” is also presented in a unique style. There are also longevity peaches and small mountains (to invoke “longevity greater than the Southern Mountain”), with complex lines to symbolize how life the threads of our lives continue to intertwine and weave. Put together, the design brings wishes that “the three stars of luck, prosperity, and longevity will all shine upon you”. While enjoying tea, you can enjoy the comforting feel of porcelain in your hands.

◼︎ Pokémon Reusable Cup Caddy – NT$320
Classic Pokémon paired with entwined branches bring good luck, so you can take your favorite drinks with you on the go.

Careful observation of the strokes within blue-and-white porcelain shows that there are often belt-like lines wrapping through the design, embracing the porcelain. We take this as the main theme in our design, bringing the same kind of feeling to drinks contained within this cup caddy. Four different cup caddy designs use different classic Pokémon, paired with entwined branches. Either side of the caddy are decorated with plantain motifs, while the lower section uses a Poké Ball and ruyi scepter design, adding to the layered depth of the composition. We have also designed a blue-and-white porcelain vase-shaped stand-up card, which features broad plantain leaves at its neck and ruyi motifs either side of the opening. The waist of the vase is decorated with persimmon and melon silhouettes. The vase perfectly matches the caddy itself, conveying wishes for good luck and great fortune.

・Pikachu blue hibiscus motif – Hibiscus flowers bloom glamorously and unabashedly; they make all who see them fall in love at first sight, symbolizing wonderful things to come.
・Gengar blue orchid motif – Orchids, plum blossoms, bamboo and chrysanthemums are called the “four nobles”. We use their clean, clear lines to hint at how an orchid, by any other name, would be just as beautiful.
・Meowth blue plum blossom motif – The different petals of the plum blossom symbolize peace, happiness, ease, longevity and good fortune. Never afraid of the cold, the plum blossom also symbolizes resolute strength.
・Psyduck blue daffodil motif – Daffodils smell lightly elegant, and they stand slender and tall. We use their serene presence to symbolize elegance that stands out above the crowd.

◼︎ Pokémon Water-Absorbent Ceramic Coasters NT$250
We blend wishes for good fortune with classic characters and lines, fusing porcelain blue like water droplets to add to the beauty.

・Great Fortune edition – Chansey has a kind-hearted, caring image. Luck, Longevity and the Three Abundances are auspicious images from traditional design; they symbolize good fortune, a long life, and children. The design is frequently combined with images of fruits. We add to this design a border of lychees, and repeating melons and kumquats, to convey Chansey’s kindhearted and all-encompassing personality and bring you wishes for good fortune.

・Lucky Dragon Bringing Fortune edition – Gyarados has the ability to call winds and rain. The dragon design implies being the ultimate, the very highest; but it also implies good fortune and protection. We use a repeated, detailed, gorgeous, auspicious design, with the Gyarados sticking out its tongue and flames and clouds dancing all around. This demonstrates the dragon’s majestic and powerful bearing, making a balanced composition with the wisps in the background.

・The Best of Earth and Sea edition – Snorlax has a reputation for being a gourmand, and thus makes a good symbol for enjoying the best of earth and sea. We thus use famous blue-and-white porcelain motifs of plantains and water weeds to create an intertwined, energetic design. The inner ring is plantain leaves; we use the plump, flourishing plantain branches to symbolize the Best of the Earth, and allude to all things developing vigorously. The outer border is made of lotus stem-like water weeds, opening like fans. The flowing, undulating lines give the feeling of water waves cresting and falling, like the Best of the Sea.

・Phoenix Dancing in Harmony edition – Moltres carries the meaning of auspiciousness and harmony. The phoenix dancing in perfect harmony was, in ancient times, taken as an auspicious omen. Not only was the phoenix the Queen of All Birds in myth, but her regal bearing was taken as the very embodiment of beauty and good fortune. Soaring on her wings, and with feathers like coiled flowery scrollwork, she follows the wind and glides on currents. The design incorporates an “entwined peony design”, with branches like ivy to create an overall impression of birds and flowers and bring you blessings and good wishes.